What To Wear

“So, What Do We Wear?”

This is the number one asked question after a session is booked.  My basic answer is, “wear what makes you comfortable, what you normally wear, just a little bit nicer.”  If you love wearing jeans, wear jeans.  If you like being a little more dressed up, go for it! Here are a few wonderful clothing suggestions for an entire family!  Read on below for more tips on how to look awesome for your session!  You can flip through the pages using the thumbnails at the bottom.

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Here are a few basic suggestions on how to look your best for your portrait session.

  • Solid, complimentary colors are best. You don’t need to all wear white shirts and khakis, in fact this is kind of boring!  Sticking to the same shades and hues really makes the portrait come together.
  • Avoid stripes and bold patterns. These are often unflattering and may take the attention away from you!
  • Also avoid neon colors. These project an unflattering color cast onto your skin which is very difficult to remove while editing.
  • Avoid cap sleeves and super short sleeves, as they can make your upper arms look bigger, even if they aren’t. Tank tops are also something you want to avoid. Look for tops and shirts with long sleeves, 3/4 length sleeves, or regular length short sleeves.
  • Accessorize!  Jewelry, scarves, hats, even fun umbrellas can really make your portrait stand out!
  • Avoid getting a haircut or changing your hair style within the weeks before the session.  The last thing you want is a cut or color that you hate ruining your awesome family portrait! Having your stylist style your hair for your session is a great idea, though!  A professional touch can give you a great look that holds for the session.
  • Professionally applied makeup is another great way to look your best. A trained makeup artist knows how to properly blend and hide blemishes and changes in your complexion, and you won’t have to worry about your makeup melting off in heat or washing off in an unexpected rain!
  • Guys should shave before the appointment, and neatly trim any facial hair.
  • If you wear glasses, ask your optician if you can borrow a sample pair of frames without lenses, or remove the lenses from your own glasses. This helps prevent glare from any light sources used in your session.

Most of the outfits on this page are from Old Navy, The Gap, and Piperlime.

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