Portrait Services

Let Yourself Smile!

“What is your photographic style?”
Natural, artistic, fun, spontaneous!  I will capture the real expressions your kids make, from that beautiful, real smile to that little glare that only a mom knows best.  I get creative and have fun and strive to really capture the personalities of my subjects, not just what they look like!

When I am shooting, you will find me rolling around in the grass or racing kids across the park.  I laugh and get goofy to get the perfect smile from your stubborn kiddo, and will gladly step in and change that poopy diaper for your newborn (new parents deserve a break!). I’ll do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot, as long as it doesn’t require ridiculous heights or snakes!

“What makes you different?”
I shoot what I love, and selective about what I shoot. This has allowed me to become really great at the things I do shoot, and to produce the highest quality and most creative work possible.

Because I am very selective about the sessions I do, I limit the number of sessions I book each month in order to provide the highest levels of creativity and quality to each and every client. My goal is to create something new and something truly unique for each and every client I shoot.  When I give you something that can’t be duplicated, I have succeeded.

Also, as a full-time photography studio, we hold regular business hours and are available Monday through Saturday to answer your questions, shoot your sessions, and make sure you have the best experience possible!  Our team is dedicated to providing the best service around, the highest quality possible, and an experience like no other!

“How can I prepare for a photo session?”
When you book your session, we will also schedule a complimentary pre-session consultation. During your consultation, we will discuss our mutual vision for the session, locations, clothing, and shooting ideas.  We’ll talk about how you want to display your images and determine together the best way to achieve your perfect session!

What should we wear to a session?”
I don’t care what you look like, I care who you are! Even so, everyone wants to look awesome for their session. Wear what makes you comfortable.  If that is jeans, wear jeans.  If that is a skirt and heels, break out the Stilettos!  For kids, colors are so much fun.  Hats, scarves, and other accessories can be great to add a little something extra to your images!  Infants are usually photographed bare-bottomed. During your complimentary consultation, we will discuss clothing and decide what outfits will best fit the look you are going for.

Be sure to check our “What To Wear” page for fashion examples and tips for your session!

“Where do we have our session?”

There are so many places to shoot your session, and we’ll work together to come up with the perfect location! It might be downtown, at a local park, in our loft studio, or even in your own home!

What is an in-home session like?”
When I first arrive at your home, I’ll walk around and check out the lighting, and look for unique places to shoot.  Do not worry about the house being a mess, it is totally expected, especially for new parents! Sometimes the perfect places to shoot are the most unexpected – bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways! I love to get creative, and may ask if I can move furniture around a little bit or take a few things off that wall because I love the color.  And if I ask your entire family to stand in the shower, just trust me!


“What is a concept shoot?”
Every now and then, I come up with a very specific idea that I want to photograph. When this happens, I schedule concept shoots. These shortened sessions are designed to bring the ideas in my head to life, while giving you a very unique set of images of your child or family! There is a discounted session fee and prints are available for purchase as well. Please be sure to follow us on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter at the top of the page to be the first to know when these sessions are available!

“When do we see and order our images?”
About 2 weeks after your session, you will come into our loft studio to view your images.  We’ll work together to create the perfect collection to display your images! Once your order is placed, it takes about 2 weeks for it to come in, sometimes less.

These sessions last approximately an hour, and are best to get through without distractions, so we do request that only decision-making parties are present (usually Mom, sometimes Dad, kids usually get bored and are best left with a sitter). We do have a play area for kids if they do come with you, though!

“What all do you offer to show off our favorite images?”
The possibilities are endless! We have so many professional produced ways to display your favorite images!

  • Wall art pieces, big and beautiful, to show off in your home
  • Coffee table books and albums, custom-designed with the images from your session
  • Metal and acrylic art pieces, for a gorgeous, high-end wall display!
  • Gift prints for family and friends and your desk at work
  • Birth announcements, holiday cards, and more for those special events in life
  • Keepsake boxes full of the printed proofs from your session

We also offer exclusive digital packages with printable and Facebook-ready images on a CD or flash drive.

Check out our “Displaying Your Images” board on Pinterest for examples and ideas on how to who off your favorite photos!

We accept cash, personal checks, and major debit/credit cards.

“This all sounds so great.  How do I book my very own, very awesome session?”

Sessions are taken by appointment only. Contact us to schedule your session. We can’t wait to “shoot” you!