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2016 Photography Workshops

Our summer workshop series has been postponed due to storm damage at our studio. New dates will be announced as soon as we are back up and running!

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Photography Technique for Beginners
January 16, 2016 – 9am




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Photography Technique for Beginners

January 16. 2016 – 9am

If you want to learn more about photography, your camera, or expand your skill set, this workshop is for you! Spend the day with us in our downtown studio and get hands-on experience with your camera with a professional photographer!

We’ll cover:

  • Understanding and finding “the light”
  • What your camera can do and how to get the most out of it
  • How to create a proper exposure
  • Composition and setting up a creatively awesome shot

This workshop is perfect for those just getting into photography and those that are ready to step out of the “green box” and have more control over their shots. It’s going to be a fun day full of laughs and learning!

Registration is $99 for this one-day workshop.

This workshop is limited to 10 participants.

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Advanced Technique & Lighting

January 23. 2016 – 9am

This class is perfect for those that have a strong understanding of creating a proper exposure and that want more experience in specific settings and practical application. With live models and changing lighting and locations, you’ll get hands-on practice in a variety of settings.

We’ll cover:

  • Advanced lighting and working “on the fly” with changing conditions
  • Action photography, including sports and other moving subjects
  • Posing and working with your subjects to create natural, comfortable sessions
  • Intro to studio lighting
  • And much, much more!

Registration is $199 for this one-day workshop.

This workshop is limited to 5 participants.

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The Business Side of Photography

January 30, 2016 – 9am

Are you interested in becoming a professional photographer but don’t know how to start a business? Do you already have a business, but need some guidance on all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes? Wendi is an open book, and will share with you all of her “secrets” for running a successful business!

We’ll cover:

  • Getting organized
  • Contracts and documentation
  • Client care and communication
  • Marketing and finding your ideal client
  • Bookkeeping and all that boring stuff and how to make it easy
  • And much, much more!

Registration is $199 for this one-day workshop.

Registration is limited to 10 participants.

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Editing & Workflow

Tuesday, January 26 – 5:30pm

By very popular demand, we’re introducing our Editing and Workflow workshop! In this evening class, I’ll show you my editing workflow and the programs I use on a daily basis to bring out the best in my images and fix my mistakes (yup, I make those sometimes!), start-to-finish workflow, tips for being efficient and awesome, and answer your questions!

We’ll cover:

  • Editing programs, including DPP, Lightroom, Photoshop, and CS6
  • Basic editing to bring out the best in your images
  • Fixing blemishes and smoothing skin
  • Advanced editing review
  • Managing your workflow from start to finish
  • Image backup and storage
  • And much, much more!

Registration is $99 for this one-day workshop.
We have two dates available.

Registration is limited to 5 participants for each night.

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Wendi Riggens is a professional portrait and wedding photographer located in Burlington Iowa.  Known for her skill behind the camera, and her personality in front of it, she loves to work with photographers, new and not-so-new, to build their skills and hone their craft.  She’s been described as fun, a fantastic teacher, and admits to being easily distracted by shiny objects. Wendi admits that she made a lot of mistakes in her early days that cost her money and time, and she wants to help YOU avoid those same mistakes, and to build a strong business and even stronger skill set that will propel you to the next level!

Wendi has been teaching new photographers since 2007, and hosting workshops since 2008. She has done small business consulting since 2004.

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