Workshop Q & A’s

“I really want to come, but I don’t know enough/don’t have nice enough equipment/am just scared!”
Well, first of all, don’t be scared.  I don’t bite!  Well, not very hard, at least.  🙂

Do you just want to learn more about how to work your camera?  Great!  Don’t worry about not knowing enough, that’s the point.  Whether you just want to learn how to work it, or want to hone a skill you already have, the workshop is tailored to those in attendance.  No one is too inexperienced!

And don’t worry about your equipment, either.  We’ll show you how to work with what you have to obtain the best results possible!

If you are still nervous about it, you can always sign up for a private 1-on-1 session with Wendi, where you will talk about everything you want to talk about without other people around!


“How many people will be there?”
We register up to 15 people for the workshop. We want it to be a small enough group that everyone feels comfortable asking questions and that everyone gets the attention they deserve!


“How long have you been doing workshops?”
While I have been teaching photography workshops and classes since 2008, my “teaching” background goes a lot deeper.  At Western Illinois University, I was a double-major in Psychology and Communication, with an emphasis in business communication.  My favorite classes were training and development courses, and in 2004 I started free-lancing with small local businesses, holding small training seminars for their employees.

I’ve continued with this through the years, and in 2008 hosted my first photography workshop in Burlington, Iowa.  Since then I’ve done several small classes throughout the area and hosted another workshop in 2009. In 2010 and 2011, I was asked to teach at a weekend conference hosted by my lab, and have taught at private workshops in the years since, both in Burlington and around the country.  We also started our 1-on-1 Mentoring Program in 2010, which I love, because it gives me a chance to work with photographers individually to build the business of their dreams!

I remember in high school, in Spanish class, we taught the 1st and 2nd graders Spanish once a week. One day, our principal came in to observe, and I was on pins and needles – he was an intimidating man!  After class, Professora pulled me to the side and said that the principal was incredibly impressed with how I worked with the kids, and he wanted to talk to me about pursuing a career in teaching.

I never went that route, I didn’t think I had the patience to do it day after day, but I knew I loved working with others to achieve their dreams and goals.  My education and experience in the industry give me a solid working basis for my coaching and workshops, and I am an open book with my coaching clients!


“Where is the workshop?”
Our workshops are held in historic Burlington, Iowa. Workshops are usually held in our studio, though sometimes we select alternate locations that better fit the feel of a specific workshop.


“This sounds so great! How do I sign up?”

Awesome! Follow this link to register for the current workshops.

If you have questions, click on the Contact link at the top of the page.

We look forward to meeting you!

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