Tulsa Wedding Workshop with Wendi Riggens

This past weekend I flew to Tulsa to teach a wedding class at a photography event for the third year in a row. I love going to this particular event, and I always get to see lots of old friends and make many new ones! The last two years, I’ve done both speaking and shooting classes, but this year we took it a step further, orchestrating an entire mock wedding. Despite some last-minute changes with our models, and unpredictable weather, the day turned out amazingly! My friend and also talented photographer, Liz Huckleby put together a wonderful weekend!

Adrion AuBell, a friend and photographer from Virginia, put together the look of the wedding, and it was so fabulous! We made a midnight run to WalMart the night before the class, after we arrived in Tulsa, to get some supplies, and she and a few other photographers stayed up until the wee morning hours putting it all together! We decorated all morning, and then class started after a crazy lunch!

Liz and Brandon stepped in to be our bride and groom models, and Amy, Scott, and Shalynn were our amazing wedding party! Christie posed as the pastor, and gave us a very sweet and funny mock ceremony! The first part of the class, we talked about weddings, equipment, and walked through the various stations, discussing light, must-have shots, and other ways to make the most of a situation. Then we broke into two groups and everyone took turns photographing the different parts of the wedding day.

Here are a few of my shots from the day. The details that Adrion put together were so simple but so beautiful, and the attendees in the class were so great to work with, too! I’ll do a second post with some “action” shots from the day, because I have WAY too many images to do in one day!


Dave - Great photos Wendi! You guys did a cool thing. Just wish I was there for it this year! Maybe next year!

Amanda - The colors are awesome. I LOVE the ring shots. 🙂

Jamie Koppi - Beautiful images! LOVE the attention to detail!

Monica - I cannot believe all the details you put together for this mock wedding!!! It looks like a real wedding! I love all the images, as usual! I wish I had been able to attend your workshop…looks amazing!

Peggy - WOW! If this is how you put a mock wedding together, I’d love to see a real one! The keys are just too cute for words.

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