Don’t just trust us, listen to what those that have worked with Wendi have to say!

“Wendi helped me take it to the next level”


The turning point for my photography was taking Wendi’s class. I caught the shutter bug at an early age, and have been competing with my photographs on a local level for the last three years. I have been happy with my photographs, but Wendi helped me take it to the next level. I had a good understanding of the concepts but Wendi’s class taught me how to build on the basics and how to use them to set up a shot instead of a trial and error approach. I have become even more confident and enthusiastic about photography, the quality of my photographs has blossomed, and my learning curve has exploded. If you are looking to take your photography to the next level, Wendi’s class is a must. Don’t just think about it; jump in, it’s totally worth it!

“I felt rejuvenated and like I could do anything I set my mind to!”

Before working with Wendi, I had been running a home-based photography business. I met Wendi though a photographers forum and she was one of those role model photographers that I admired, not only her business sense, but on a personal level as well. As I was about to begin my 5th year, I decided that it was time to get serious and felt like I needed some guidance and direction, I knew that I needed to invest in the ‘business’ side of my business to make this year work.

I wanted to work with Wendi, but being on the west coast I wasn’t sure it would work, but it was amazing. We did all of the one-on-one sessions via Skype and after every meeting I felt rejuvenated and like I could do anything I set my mind to, and of course planned for. I learned the importance of time management and using a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly schedule, not just for the big tasks, but the everyday things that are so easily overlooked.

It’s been about 6 months since our coaching sessions and since then I have moved my business office into ‘town’ and have big plans of expanding even further within the next 6-8 months, I have also seen an increase in productivity and client base. As I write this, I am in the midst of the busiest 4 weeks of my career. I learned that in order to succeed I have to step out an the limb and take chances, make the tough investments and believe in what I am doing. If you’re thinking about working with Wendi, JUST DO IT!!

Wendi, Thank you for all your knowledge and inspiring me to be a better business woman.

“I KNEW it was time to make a change!”

Before working with Wendi, I was basically LOST LOST LOST!!!  I knew that my business was so ready to be taken to that next level but I had no idea how to go about it.  I was a photographer not a business person and when you own your own business you have to know BOTH sides!!!  I was really to that point where I was shooting EVERY single day but wasn’t even making enough to cover bills.  I was a lost puppy to say the least and SO overly tired that I KNEW it was time to make a change!

During my 1-on-1, I learned SO many things!!!  She made me realize that not only was I way overworking myself but I was only making $3.00 an hour… Can you believe that!!!!  We went over EVERY little detail from how to first book a client, setting  and keeping prices, and selling services instead of making all about the products.  She gave me so many ideas that my mind was on overdrive and I was SO excited to get home to start putting all of these new ideas into action.

As a result of working with Wendi I have already started being more organized, got services and prices set, and I am looking forward to start putting that all into motion at the beginning of the year!  I really am excited to see how my clients react to all of the new things I am offering even though I  am a little scared to be changing things around so much, I do know its for the better!

My advice for those thinking about working with Wendi is to DO IT!!!  I was so worried about working with someone and fought with myself if I really needed the help or if I could do this on my own. I do not regret it one little bit!!  She is so energetic and has a wonderful personality!!!  Of course she knows EXACTLY what shes talking about too!  I didn’t think that I would get so much information and she catered it to me and my business and didn’t just give me the same advice as she gave the client before me!!!  I hope to keep in touch with her for years to come!!!!
Micah Miller, Micah Lyn Photography

“Wendi has a great way of teaching that is easy to connect with.”

Before working with Wendi, I was ready for the next step for my photography business, but I wasn’t sure which direction to turn.  I felt disorganized and unsure of myself in my business practices. During my 1-on-1, I learned SO MUCH!  Wendi has a great way of teaching that is easy to connect with. Wendi tailored our coaching sessions to my needs and wants.  I think that is the true mark of a great coach!  After working with Wendi I was pumped. I was ready to work and get my studio name out there and on top. I feel that with all that Wendi taught me this was a goal well within my reach.  I felt inspired, confident, in-the-know, rejuvenated, and prepared. Since meeting with Wendi, I have seen in influx of clients and an improvement in my confidence as an artist and businesswoman alike.

If you are think about working with Wendi – what are you waiting for? DO IT! She has a variety of options that will give you what you need, and at the very least you will gain a kind and valuable friend in Wendi Riggens.

Wendi, I have truly enjoyed our coaching sessions and value our business and personal friendship. (GO R.S.V.P Pens!)
Kari Busard, Kari Busard Photography

“I had tons of fun and learned a ton!”

I’ve had my eye on wedding photography for a while but it was a big step for me. Wendi’s wedding seminar was by far the best opportunity for me to get started. I had tons of fun and learned a ton not only about wedding photography but also what I was actually capable of. Thanks Wendi!!
-Sam Clausen

“Your class absolutely inspired me to change the way I am doing things!”

Let me just say … Your class absolutely inspired me to change the way I am doing things and turn my business around! I completely could relate to the things you were saying and I did not feel “talked to” at all. It was amazing hearing the real stories and details that goes into your business! Thank you for your time and dedication to all of us!!!
Angie Evans, New Traditions Photography

“It was lighthearted, fun, and information packed!”

Wendi’s class was excellent!  I learned a lot – it was lighthearted, fun, and information packed!
-Sandy Jagmin

“You gave me the confidence I needed!”

I just wanted to say thank you for everything. You really did give me the confidence I needed to go out and get some shots I have always wanted to take, as well as restructure my entire pricing. You truly are a rare individual. I hope life continues treating you well.
-Dustin McMurry

“I learned more than I could ever have imagined!”

I just got home from my weekend seminar. My mind is just reeling. I just cannot express my thanks to Wendi and Devan. I learned more than I could ever have imagined and I want to really thank Wendi for giving me that extra email that made me decide to take this step. I honestly think the workshop was amazing. Thank you Thank you Thank you a million times over!
Brandi Stimpson, Memories By Brandi

“I give these women amazing props for going out of their way to help other local photographers improve their work.”

I recently attended a photography workshop hosted by Wendi Riggens and wow – what an eye-opener! She was amazing and I have come out of it a better photographer. I hope to try out all the things I have learned with you. I give Wendi amazing props for going out of their way to help other local photographers improve their work. Not many people do this. I must say it changed my perspective on photography. I respect their skills and business practices. I hope to continue to learn from these women and continue to grow as a photographer.
-Shelly Tisor

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