Sometimes I forget what I shoot! Engagement session – Cedar Falls

I have a folder on my desktop where my favorite images from each session goes after it is all said and done. My goal is to share these images at some point, either on my website or blog, or Facebook, or somewhere that others can enjoy them.

Sometimes life gets in the way, and I don’t get around to that folder as often as I would like. Weeks might go by before I get a moment to flip through it, and sometimes I surprise myself when I find a set of images that I had forgotten all about.

I photographed this session with Cristin and Dane in Cedar Falls and Waterloo in the early fall, not long after we found out we were pregnant. My friend, Ang, drove up with me, and we spent the entire drive talking about babies.  The session was beautiful, and I had such a wonderful time exploring a new city and meeting this amazing couple.  I’ll be traveling to the Dominican Republic with Cristin and Dane in June 2012 to photograph their wedding, and I can’t wait!

After I proofed their session, October hit – my busiest shooting month of the year.  Then, November hit – my busiest proofing month of the year!  And then the week of Thanksgiving hit, and for the last 7 weeks, I have been physically and emotionally recovering from the most difficult experience of my life.

Tonight, as I played on Facebook and decided to upload some images, I started sorting through the images in my “Blog” folder.  When I came to these, I stopped and stared for several moments.  I don’t know how, but I had forgotten about them.  I don’t even really remember editing them, but I remember shooting them, and I remember having such a great time.  And looking at them, these might be some of my favorite engagement images I’ve ever shot.

So, I am sharing them, finally.  I took these at a time when everything seemed to be perfect in my life, and nothing could get me down.  Life is different now, but looking at them makes me smile.  I find myself doing that more as time goes on, and I hope that I find some more images that make me smile as I go through this folder.  I look forward to smiling with all of my clients this year, no matter what happens.

Cristin, Dane, thank you for the smiles back in October, and tonight, too.  I look forward to smiling with you a lot over the next couple of years!


dave - Love the bike shots! Great stuff as always Wendi!

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