Riding the El – Our Chicago Adventure – Part IV

Who knew that I could turn a 4 hour trip to downtown Chicago into a 4 day blog-fest? πŸ™‚

I’ve ridden on subways and trains all over – St. Louis, LA, Phoenix, Dallas, London, Paris, Germany – but there is nothing quite as fun as the El in Chicago. Why? Just because. πŸ™‚

Following our tour guide, Patrick. I was pretty sure I was going to fall off the edge!

This guy had some serious talent. I’m not even kidding, it was fascinating listening to him play while we waited.


And sleeping

And praying (she sat holding a pink rosary, mumbling prayers for the majority of the 40 minutes she was on the train)

This woman was one of the prettiest people I have ever seen in my life. If it hadn’t been so busy, and she hadn’t been so sleepy, I might have asked her if I could photograph her. Well, I did photograph her, covertly. I kind of felt like a spy.

And one last guy, waiting for the shuttle back to our airport. He had on a funky outfit that I loved, but it was his mohawk, discreetly hidden under his hat, that caught my eye.

That’s all for now, folks! My next adventure will be to Kewanee in two weeks. In three weeks, my toddler turns two. In four weeks, I run my first 5K. And then my life gets busy again! πŸ™‚.

Natalie Bradley | Bride Attraction Expert - You are so FREAKING talented!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Natalie Bradley | Bride Attraction Expert - You are so, so, so talented!!!!!

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