Pet-Palooza & The Burlington Regional Dog Park – Part I – Wendi Riggens Photography

This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to set up and photograph Pet-Palooza and the leash cutting at the new Burlington Regional Dog Park.  Everyone that knows me knows that shooting weddings is my passion, but Sunday I had the most amazing time, rolling around in the grass for 4 hours with a few dozen dogs.  I came home covered in slobber and sunburnt, but it was worth it.

I want to give a special thanks to the committee that worked to get a dog park in Burlington. As a dog owner and lover, it was much needed, and after seeing the community come out in full support on Sunday, I know it will do well here!

I’m going to blog this in two parts.  The first, this one, will feature the leash cutting and dog swim.  Part two will feature a few of my favorite pet portraits from the day.

I LOVE the logo for the dog park!

The leash cutting and blessing

My booth! The sporadic wind kept blowing everything over, so we had to forgo my big easles and rest the large prints and canvases against the table legs, risking being “marked”, and duct tape the backs of the other prints to the little easles. More than once, people ran to help us set back up after a gust of wind blew everything off! 🙂

The dog swim – I think this was such a great idea! The dogs LOVED it!

The little dogs and those afraid of water or that didn’t know how to swim hung out in the kiddie pool.

Yes, that included this St. Bernard puppy! I was playing with the dogs in the water (yes, fully clothed in jeans, and with my camera in hand) when this sweetheart came running over to me and leaned her soaking wet body against mine. I couldn’t resist throwing my arms around her in a big hug! She was so funny, she’d get to the “deep” part of the kiddie pool, which is only 1 foot deep, mind you, and then get scared and hurry back to the edge! Here is one of those moments!

The big pool was full of labs and sporty dogs that loved loved loved the water!

Be sure to check out Free Of The Leash for more info on the dog park, and for more images of the event!


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