Little Lucy is 6 Months Old! Isn’t She a Doll??

Lucy came to visit me for her 6 month session with her mom and dad, and we had so much fun! She is SO adorable!!!



This little look behind the scenes makes me laugh! Fixing her hair, adjusting her headband, fluffing her skirt, and making sure she didn’t try to crawl away took a lot of hands!





Liz & Chris, it was such a pleasure meeting you and a joy photographing your beautiful little girl!


The Breastfeeding Project – 2015 – Wendi Riggens Photography

In 2012, I started my breastfeeding project, a personal project focusing on the relationship between moms and their children. I photographed newborns and three year olds, working moms and moms that stay at home, first time moms and moms of many. So so many amazing people, with one common bond: they were all passionate about breastfeeding!

In the last two years, I have had a lot of interest from moms about the project. I am excited to reopen the project for sessions in 2015. This time around, though, I hope to do more than just photograph the sessions. We will be providing wall art to local organizations for their offices and waiting rooms. Our goal is to bring normalcy and awareness about breastfeeding to low-income families, and we hope to work with the Des Moines County WIC, Nest, and Community Action offices. Statistically, low-income families have the lowest rates of breastfeeding, partly due to lack of exposure and information. New moms are anxious and nervous about breastfeeding and often haven’t seen other moms nursing their little ones. Displaying images in organizations that help serve low-income families can open the door to discussions about breastfeeding and help new moms gain comfort and support in nursing their new little one.

Who Can Participate?

Breastfeeding is a challenge and journey and is not always easy. This time around, I want to include all moms that provide breast milk to their little ones. This not only includes moms that breastfeed through direct latch, but also moms that pump, use SNS systems, donor milk, and even wet nurse. I also hope to include moms that are tandem nursing, nursing while pregnant, and other unique situations.

All moms that participate will be invited to share their story in words as well, which will be used on the blog and Facebook, and may be incorporated into a book at some point in the future. Everyone has their own experience, and I want to share them all. You never know who you will be able to help by sharing your story!

If you are interested in participating in the breastfeeding project, you will be asked to pay a session fee, which will help cover the cost of printing the wall art that we will be donating to the organizations.  There is no purchase required and your participation is entirely up to you. If you do want to purchase the images, we will have special collections exclusively for the project. A portion of all proceeds will go towards funding the wall art displays.

I photograph breastfeeding sessions separately from our regular sessions in order to best capture the emotional connection between moms and their little ones. I would love to talk to you about scheduling your session! Email or call for more details.

Wendi Riggens Photography

Wendi Riggens Photography’s 2015 Breastfeeding Project, to normalize and provide awareness and support to breastfeeding mothers


Maddie Builds a Snowman – Once Upon a Time – Wendi Riggens Photography

Once Upon a Time & Happily Ever After

Maddie is Growing Up!

Everyone remembers this little sweetheart, who took the world by storm two years ago dressed up as fairytale princesses and characters for her Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After sessions!

Once Upon a Time Snow White Maddie

Maddie is getting ready to turn 3 in a few short weeks, and we just had to follow up with a super special winter session with her little sister, Ellie. We photographed these just before Christmas, and with the holidays, I am just now getting around to sharing them! Maddie and Ellie had so much fun dressing up as Elsa and Anna in their pajamas from the childhood scene in the movie Frozen. They even built a snowman! Fortunately, no visits to the trolls were necessary after this session. 🙂

Maddie as Elsa Anna Frozen Once Upon a Time Wendi Riggens 01

Look how big Maddie has gotten!

Maddie as Elsa Anna Frozen Once Upon a Time Wendi Riggens 02Maddie as Elsa Anna Frozen Once Upon a Time Wendi Riggens 03

And introducing Ellie, her sweet little sister!

Ellie starred in her own super amazing session this year as well, Vintage Toys!

Maddie as Elsa Anna Frozen Once Upon a Time Wendi Riggens 04Maddie as Elsa Anna Frozen Once Upon a Time Wendi Riggens 05Maddie as Elsa Anna Frozen Once Upon a Time Wendi Riggens 06

Maddie, you are such a delight to photograph! I love growing up with you!!

Maddie as Elsa Anna Frozen Once Upon a Time Wendi Riggens 07

Here are a few of our favorites from Maddie’s first sessions when she was 9 months and one year old. My how she has grown!

Once Upon a Time Cinderella MaddieLittle Red Riding Hood Once Upon a Time Maddie Lepper

Once Upon a Time Wendy Peter Pan MaddieOnce Upon a Time Alice in Wonderland Maddiefairy tale aurora briar rose sleeping beauty maddie wendi riggens photography (6)fairy tale belle beauty beast maddie wendi riggens photography (3)fairy tale rapunzel maddie wendi riggens photography (1)fairy tale hansel gretel maddie wendi riggens photography (6)fairy tale goldilocks maddie wendi riggens photography (7)

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