Cute Little 9 Month Old Smiles! Wendi Riggens Photography

Sweet Little Piper is 9 months old!

Isn’t she adorable?!?!

Becca, thanks for the fun morning! I love Piper snuggles!




I LOVE Squishy Newborns! Wendi Riggens Photography

I seriously LOVE squishy little newborns! This is Max, just a few days old, and he was such a wonderful sleepy little guy!!!

Jamie, thank you for trusting me with this tiny little guy and your first memories!


Squishy Tiny Newborn Baby Boy-FB-01

lawrence - Good description; squishy. Exactly what they are like.
Great picture – the combination of light monochrome with the “squishy” subject on the feathery/furry/wooly blanket just makes you want to squish him even more.
Hands and feet position are too cute!


Happy 1st Birthday, Ella! New Life Photography by Wendi Riggens

Back in 2011,

I photographed Brittney & Jeff’s wedding.

To date, their engagement session at the airport where Jeff is a pilot is one of my favorites!

Baby Ella is One-FB-01-2Baby Ella is One-FB-02-2

Fast forward to 2013,

Baby Ella made her appearance just a few weeks after my daughter was born.

It’s been just amazing to watch her grow!

Baby Ella is One-FB-01Baby Ella is One-FB-02Baby Ella is One-FB-03Baby Ella is One-FB-04

Happy 1st Birthday, Ella!!!!

Brittney & Jeff, thank you so much for trusting me with such special memories all these years, and for driving an hour over here to see me! I can’t wait to snuggle your future babies and see Ella turn into an amazing little girl!



The Cutest Little Lemonade Stand Ever! Wendi Riggens Photography

Happy 1st Birthday, Beautiful Adalynn!

What a year! Adalynn, you are one of the sweetest, squishiest, loveliest little babies I know! It has been amazing to watch you grow and I cannot wait to see you and Claire grow up together. Brandon, Ashley, thank you so much for trusting me with Adalynn’s first year of life. Getting to know you guys and Adalynn has been amazing!


3 Months Old3 months old

6 Months Old6 months old

9 Months Old9 months old

One Year Old!!!Gold and Mint 1 Year Old Cake SmashGold and Mint 1 Year Old Cake SmashGold and Mint 1 Year Old Cake SmashLemonade Stand 1 year old photoshootLemonade Stand 1 year old photoshootLemonade Stand 1 year old photoshootLemonade Stand 1 year old photoshoot


Beautiful Sisters, Newborn Baby Love – Wendi Riggens Photography

I love love LOVE newborns and their older brothers and sisters! This image needs no description.:)

Wendi Riggens Photography

Wendi Riggens Photography

Ashley - WOW this is so breath taking!!!!

F o r   P h o t o g r a p h e r s