Happy Birthday, Brooklyn! Wendi Riggens Photography

Happy Birthday, Brooklyn!!!

I am always amazed at how much babies grow in their first year of life. They go from squishy deliciously scented tiny humans to bright and vibrant and sassy toddlers in the blink of an eye!

Brooklyn and her parents moved all the way to Ohio recently, but drove back just to see me, and I was so excited! Amy, Matt, she is just amazing!!! Thank you so much for trusting me with the last year of memories!!

Newborn Snow White (1)Newborn Snow White (2)

Newborn Snow White (3)Princess 6 Months (1)Princess 6 Months (2)Princess 6 Months (3)Princess 6 Months (4)Princess 6 Months (5)Birthday Girl (1)Birthday Girl (2)Birthday Girl (3)


Sometimes Things Just Don’t Go As Planned… Wendi Riggens Photography

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. I’m learning that when it is time to photograph baby Brooks, this rings even more true! While waiting for Brooks and his parents to arrive at their 6 month session, I got the funniest phone call I’ve ever gotten, as his mom explained that they were running late because they were lost in a corn maze. 🙂

The morning of his 9 month session, Brooks and parents came bustling in, and immediately I could tell something was wrong. They made it all the way down from the QCA and had accidentally left his bag of outfits right inside their front door, an hour and a half away!

Sometimes the best things come from what seems like a bad situation. I have lots of props and such in the studio, and Brooks didn’t mind at all what he was wearing. He was all smiles and SO much fun to shoot! Would you just look at this smile?!?!9 Months Old Baby Brooks9 Months Old Baby Brooks9 Months Old Baby Brooks9 Months Old Baby Brooks9 Months Old Baby Brooks

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