Three Months Old and Growing Fast! Baby Photography Burlington Iowa

Check out Baby Brooks! Three months old and growing so fast! He has the CUTEST smile!

Baseball, Captain, and Baby Smiles-001Baseball, Captain, and Baby Smiles-002Baseball, Captain, and Baby Smiles-003Baseball, Captain, and Baby Smiles-004Baseball, Captain, and Baby Smiles-005Baseball, Captain, and Baby Smiles-006


Casey – West Central High School Seniors – Biggsville, Illinois Photography

I won’t get all mushy and sentimental, but I have known this guy since he was 2 years old, when I started dating his uncle. Here we are, 15 years later and he is a senior in high school! Congrats to my amazing nephew Casey! I can’t wait to see where you go in life!

High School Senior Boy West Central (1)High School Senior Boy West Central (2)High School Senior Boy West Central (3)High School Senior Boy West Central (4)High School Senior Boy West Central (5)High School Senior Boy West Central (6)High School Senior Boy West Central (7)High School Senior Boy West Central (8)High School Senior Boy West Central (9)


Baby Bennett, Squishy and Sleepy! Newborn Photography Burlington Iowa

Would you look at this super adorable, squishy little baby boy?!?! Bennett came into the studio at a couple of weeks old and was perfectly content to take a nice, long nap for me. His parents are clearly smitten with him and each other. Thank you for choosing me to photography Baby Bennett. I look forward to seeing him grow and to get to know you all!


Newborn Baby Boy Burlington Iowa-FB-10Newborn Baby Boy Burlington Iowa-FB-12Newborn Baby Boy Burlington Iowa-FB-13Newborn Baby Boy Burlington Iowa-FB-14Newborn Baby Boy Burlington Iowa-FB-15Newborn Baby Boy Burlington Iowa-FB-01Newborn Baby Boy Burlington Iowa-FB-02Newborn Baby Boy Burlington Iowa-FB-03Newborn Baby Boy Burlington Iowa-FB-04Newborn Baby Boy Burlington Iowa-FB-05Newborn Baby Boy Burlington Iowa-FB-06Newborn Baby Boy Burlington Iowa-FB-07Newborn Baby Boy Burlington Iowa-FB-08Newborn Baby Boy Burlington Iowa-FB-09


Welcome to the world, Baby Aubrey! Burlington, Iowa Newborn Photography

This sweet little girl came down to see me from the Iowa City area when she was just a few days old, and I was totally smitten! Normally photographing newborns helps alleviate my ever-present baby fever, but this little sweetheart made it about 5,768 times worse.:)

Beautiful Newborn Baby GirlBeautiful Newborn Baby GirlBeautiful Newborn Baby GirlBeautiful Newborn Baby GirlBeautiful Newborn Baby GirlBeautiful Newborn Baby GirlBeautiful Newborn Baby GirlBeautiful Newborn Baby GirlBeautiful Newborn Baby GirlBeautiful Newborn Baby Girl


LeakyCon Days 2 through ?! – Wendi Riggens Photography

So, I have to admit, the rest of the trip kinda blurs together in my mind. If it weren’t for the date stamps in the Exif data on my photos, I probably wouldn’t be able to tell you what I did on which day! I mostly just did the daytime programming and skipped the concerts and the ball, knowing that when I got home on Sunday I would have two demanding little ones that love to keep me up late and get me up super early. Even on vacation, one does not get a total break from motherhood!

LeakyCon 2014-003

Even so, I had a wonderful time. I sat in on some excellent panels, got to know the group I traveled with better, and marveled at the outstanding cosplays. My favorite panels were:

Snape: Not The Hero We Deserve by Brad Ausrotas (read his post on this here, so well done!)

Crazy Potter Questions by Nick Penner

Anxiety, Depression, and a Drug Called Fandom put on by my friends Rein, Jazz, Scarlet, Denise, and Ginger


There were SO many panels that I wanted to go to and couldn’t because they overlapped with others, or because I was starving, or because I wanted to hang out with friends, or because I needed to pump (again, there is never truly a break from motherhood!).

The cosplays were pretty amazing, too! My favorite was Snape, followed closely by Gilderoy Lockhart. Some of these people spent months creating their costumes!

LeakyCon 2014-001LeakyCon 2014-002LeakyCon 2014-004LeakyCon 2014-006LeakyCon 2014-007OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALeakyCon 2014-008OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALeakyCon 2014-009OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Check out the eyes on the zombie to the right. Creepy but cool!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


I spent a LOT of time in the vendor room, too, and even though I didn’t buy much, I did end up with another wand and a couple tshirts. There was some seriously cool stuff being sold!

LeakyCon 2014-004LeakyCon 2014-005

I also ate Korean tacos (yum!) and high-fived Iron Man.

LeakyCon 2014-002LeakyCon 2014-003

Another fun thing I did was help to (hopefully) break the world record for the most people wearing paper crowns in one place. I tried making one last-minute but was saved when someone else couldn’t go and gave me hers instead. We had to sit with the crowns on our heads for 5 minutes. If one fell, we had to start over. Somehow, with 700+ people in one room, all wearing paper crowns, not a single one fell!


Another highlight of my trip was meeting Lauren Fairweather, who graciously let me use her song “It’s Real For Us” in my Harry Potter project slideshow. She is so sweet and beautiful and funny!

And how can I forget to mention the ribbons? Oh my stars, the ribbons! I was lucky to have several friends running panels that gave me ribbons, and happened to be in the right place at the right time to get a few others. I also found three, including the coveted “Colin” ribbon, just laying on the floor, abandoned. I ended up with 21 ribbons total, not bad for my first con!

LeakyCon 2014 Ribbons (1)LeakyCon 2014 Ribbons (3)

LeakyCon 2014 Ribbons (2)

We ended the trip with a game of Cards Against Humanity. If you have never played before, do. It’s hilarious! Dirty, wrong, and absolutely crazy, but hilarious!

LeakyCon Cards Against Humanity (1)

And yes, this happened. Screwdrivers out of a bowl…

LeakyCon 2014-011

And this happened, too…again…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Overall, my trip was great. I’ve been to a lot of conventions before, mostly photography ones, so stepping outside of my box and going to my first fan-con was a unique experience. Will I be back? I hope so!



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