Baby Hashtag #5 – The Lepper Basketball Team – Maternity Session – Wendi Riggens Photography

When Nicole found out she was pregnant with baby #5, she knew early on that naming the baby would be difficult. All of her children’s first names begin with the first letter of the previous sibling’s middle name. With big sister Maddie Elise (and her other big sister being named Erica), coming up with a third E name was going to be difficult!

And so, baby #5 was quickly nicknamed Hashtag #5.

And also quickly, the basketball team jokes started.:)

So we had to do a play on both for the Lepper’s maternity session. The concept was the basketball team, with Mom/Recruiter Nicole looking uncomfortable and very pregnant, Dad/Coach Matt arguing with their middle child, Logan, about the baby’s name (with lots of E options) scrawled on the chalkboard), and the rest of the team waiting impatiently for #5 to arrive!

A special thank you to Val at Notre Dame for letting usMaternity Baby # 5 Basketball Team-FB-02Maternity Baby # 5 Basketball Team-FB-03Maternity Baby # 5 Basketball Team-FB-04Maternity Baby # 5 Basketball Team-FB-07Maternity Baby # 5 Basketball Team-FB-09Maternity Baby # 5 Basketball Team-FB-10Maternity Baby # 5 Basketball Team-FB-11use the gym. The colors and setting were PERFECT!



Babies, Suitcases, Chairs, and Old Abandoned Roads – Wendi Riggens Photography

Once upon a time, I went to school with Jennifer. We graduated together, had some college classes together, and then both moved out of state to pursue our adult lives! Then, a few years later, Jennifer got married, and I had the joy of photographing her wedding! And now, 5 years later, I get the amazing honor of photographing Jennifer and Joel’s little girl, Rylie. I drove them all around, looking for the marker a friend gave me for a random patch of wildflowers (a toilet by the side of the road, classy!) and couldn’t find it, and I’m sure they thought I was a bit crazy when I gave up looking and pulled down a deserted little stretch of road and asked them to stick their daughter in the middle of it.

I’m pretty sure they will agree, though, it was totally worth it.:)

Baby Girl on a SuitcaseBaby Girl on Aqua Ice Cream ChairAdorable Baby FeetBaby Girl on Aqua Ice Cream ChairBaby Girl Holding Hands with Mommy and DaddyBaby Girl and her CowBaby Girl and her CowBaby Girl and her CowBaby Girl with Mommy and Daddy KissesBaby Girl with Mommy and DaddyBaby Girl with Mommy and DaddyBaby Girl with Mommy and Daddy


The Garrett’s Path 5K Run/Walk – Burlington Iowa – Wendi Riggens Photography

Wow! These last two weekends were a blur! The Garrett’s Path 5k two weekends ago was absolutely awe inspiring. 1400 people showed up bright and early to run and walk through Crapo Park, and we managed to photograph almost every single one of them on the course and at the finish line. Seeing the support for the Brockways and Garrett’s Path was inspiring and I am so thankful to have been a part of it!


This past Friday and Saturday were so much fun at the 12:1 Run, too. Seeing what Libby and her team do every year for this event is amazing. I first ran in the 12:1 Run in 2010 and it was the best race I did that year. And even though I’ve been behind the camera since then, it continues to be my favorite event of the season! This year in addition to photographing all of the behind the scenes action, I once again photographed the awards and kid’s races, and new this year, covered the finish line when time permitted. I love seeing the faces of the runners as they cross!

12-1-Kids Races-FB-0612-1-Kids Races-FB-8212-1-OC-Saturday-FB-6112-1-OC-Saturday-FB-5312-1-Start-5k-Half (10)12-1-Finish Line-5k-FB-05

Thank you to Tiffini & Bruce with Garrett’s Path and Shirley & Libby with 12:1 for asking me to be a part of these amazing events. I look forward to next year!

Check out both galleries on our website and enjoy!

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