Sunflower Sessions are Coming Up at Wendi Riggens Photography!

Sunflower Season is Coming Up!


I am super excited to open dates for our sunflower sessions! We have access to a big beautiful field of sunflowers and are scheduling these sessions for the first two weeks of August. I am only booking a handful of sessions so be sure to call 319-753-3061 or email today to get yours. You will also have the opportunity when you schedule to pre-order a canvas from your session, so be sure to ask about that, too!


sunflower field baby



sunflower field little girlYAY SUNFLOWERS!!


Month to Month with Baby Claire!

When my daughter was born, I wanted to do something every month to document her growth. I came up completely blank, though. When she turned 1 month old, I grabbed this onesie my mom had bought and laid her on a blanket with a camera. It hit me then that I should just reuse that onesie and camera every month, to show how much she has grown. Month two came around and I threw in another camera, and it grew from there!

What I never expected, though, was that Claire would be so petite, and that at a year old, the 0-3 month one still fit. We were only able to get one snap to close at the bottom, but otherwise it fit her all the way through!

And to answer the camera questions I’ve been asked along the way
-I find cameras at thrift shops, antique shops, eBay, Etsy, and through friends and family.-The Pentax that started the series I bought after returning home from a photography workshop in Mexico several years ago, where I met the incredibly talented and inspiring Jose Villa
-The Canon that made it’s appearance in month 10 was the first SLR camera I every shot with. It was given to my dad a long time ago, and as a child and teenager, I would shoot around. I didn’t know what aperture, shutter speed, and ISO were, but I knew that if I changed one thing or another, it would give me a totally different look. I especially loved playing with the shutter speed and light-writing, long before I ever knew that was a “thing”!
-Yes, I own all of these cameras, and yes, I have many, many more, too! Come to my studio to see my collection!

And to my beautiful baby girl: You loved these shoots, until about 8 months old, which was shortly after you started crawling. Even though you hated being laid down and wanted to run away for every shot after, I thank you for at least giving me one image to work with each month! I love seeing you grow and am amazed by your brilliance and spunk. I love you!

Camera Baby First Year

Mandi @ DIYCraftPhotography - Ohh, so cute! I love your little girl :)

At how many months will she surpass the size of your camera collection? (Part of me reeaaaally wants to see this continue into middle age where you need like, 500 cameras to keep up!)

Wendi - LOL! Not quite that many! Gosh, I couldn’t imagine trying to wrangle her for photos with that many, lol!!! :)


Family Sessions Make Me Smile! Wendi Riggens Photography

Thank you to Pam and Gregg for asking me to photograph your family! I had fun walking around downtown with you and narrowly missing the rain!:)


Calderwood Family Session-FB-02Calderwood Family Session-FB-01Calderwood Family Session-FB-03


Steamboat Days Baby Crawl 2014 – Little Winners!

Thank you to everyone that came out for the Baby Crawl at Steamboat Days!

It is always fun watching the little ones crawl – or run – across the mat! We had some SUPER speedy little ones this year!

Congrats to our winners!




Hello, Sweet Little Newborn Boy! Wendi Riggens Photography

Yesterday, I shared Austin’s birth story. Today, I share his newborn session! He wasn’t a very sleepy little guy, but he was super cooperative and we got some some wonderful images! He also has a doting big sister and fun big brother who were super excited to pose with him!

Congrats, Kelly & Brian! I am honored to be photographing these moments for you and cannot wait to watch Austin grow and get to know you all more!Newborn Baby Boy with Big Brother and Sister 01Newborn Baby Boy with Big Brother and Sister 02Newborn Baby Boy with Big Brother and Sister 03Newborn Baby Boy with Big Brother and Sister 04Newborn Baby Boy with Big Brother and Sister 05Newborn Baby Boy with Big Brother and Sister 06Newborn Baby Boy with Big Brother and Sister 07Newborn Baby Boy with Big Brother and Sister 08Newborn Baby Boy with Big Brother and Sister 09Newborn Baby Boy with Big Brother and Sister 10Newborn Baby Boy with Big Brother and Sister 11Newborn Baby Boy with Big Brother and Sister 12Newborn Baby Boy with Big Brother and Sister 13


jessica - love u work

Veronica - How sweet!

Sarah Turnbull - Love how well you capture the simplicity—awesome work! :)

Michelle - You did wonderful work with this very photogenic beautiful baby. Congratulations to the parents!

Stephanie Burns - I totally love your photography, happy you are concentrating more on babies. I love the one with the baby and the football! Wish I could have had you photograph my children when they were babies.

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