Sometimes Things Just Don’t Go As Planned… Wendi Riggens Photography

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. I’m learning that when it is time to photograph baby Brooks, this rings even more true! While waiting for Brooks and his parents to arrive at their 6 month session, I got the funniest phone call I’ve ever gotten, as his mom explained that they were running late because they were lost in a corn maze.:)

The morning of his 9 month session, Brooks and parents came bustling in, and immediately I could tell something was wrong. They made it all the way down from the QCA and had accidentally left his bag of outfits right inside their front door, an hour and a half away!

Sometimes the best things come from what seems like a bad situation. I have lots of props and such in the studio, and Brooks didn’t mind at all what he was wearing. He was all smiles and SO much fun to shoot! Would you just look at this smile?!?!9 Months Old Baby Brooks9 Months Old Baby Brooks9 Months Old Baby Brooks9 Months Old Baby Brooks9 Months Old Baby Brooks


Happy birthday, Adalynn!! Wendi Riggens Photography

Adalynn wins, hands down, for the most expressive two year old yet! Every time I clicked the shutter, she had a new look, and culling these down was one of the hardest edit jobs I have had in a long, long time. She is just beautiful!


Beautiful Adalynn is Two-FB-01Beautiful Adalynn is Two-FB-02Beautiful Adalynn is Two-FB-03Beautiful Adalynn is Two-FB-04Beautiful Adalynn is Two-FB-05Beautiful Adalynn is Two-FB-06Beautiful Adalynn is Two-FB-07Beautiful Adalynn is Two-FB-08Beautiful Adalynn is Two-FB-09Beautiful Adalynn is Two-FB-10Beautiful Adalynn is Two-FB-11


Happy 2nd Birthday, Aila! Wendi Riggens Photography Burlington IA

Oh Aila! How smart you are! And so full of energy! I had SO much fun playing with you! Happy birthday!!!



Two Years Old? How Can It Be! They Grow So Fast! Wendi Riggens Photography

I’ve had a rash of two year olds in the studio lately! Oh, how they grow! Two is a fun age, and also one of the most challenging to shoot. They are independent and don’t want to sit still, but full of smiles!

Here’s the first of my recent two year olds, beautiful Naomi! Naomi was full of seriousness AND smiles, and could turn it on in a heartbeat! Isn’t she adorable?!?!

Happy 2nd Birthday Naomi (7)Happy 2nd Birthday Naomi (6)Happy 2nd Birthday Naomi (5)Happy 2nd Birthday Naomi (4)Happy 2nd Birthday Naomi (3)Happy 2nd Birthday Naomi (2)Happy 2nd Birthday Naomi (1)



It’s Spring! Well, almost! Wendi Riggens Photography

The birds are chirping, the weather is warming up, robins are hopping around, and SPRING is in the air!

I am SO excited to get back outside in this beautiful weather! Hay fever be damned, I’m going to run through the flowers and roll in the grass and soak it all in!

Who’s with me?

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