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Last week, I received a call from Rex at The Hawk Eye, wanting to interview me about the new location. Even though we aren’t completely moved yet, I said, “sure”! I had a great time showing him our future plans and talking about our growth since 2006. Then John Lovretta, totally awesome award-winning staff photographer, came by to shoot me while I shot a couple sessions! I will share some of the shots he took once I am back on my computer (posting from my iPad right now), rest assured they are awesome!

Here is the article, enjoy!

Thanks again to Rex and John for the piece!


Valentine’s Day Kissing Booth Mini Sessions in Burlington Iowa

Valentine’s Day Mini-Sessions

Come check out our kissing booth and get your very own custom-designed Valentine’s cards!

February 4th, 2012


Chicago Illinois Skyline – Navy Pier, Shedd Aquarium, Hancock Tower

Back in September while shooting Jennifer and Kyle’s engagement session, I took a series of about 20 shots of the Chicago Skyline. This particular image is a stitched panorama of 5 or 6 individual shots, combined to make one large image. I love how it turned out and wanted to share! The clouds that afternoon were GORGEOUS! It was rainy and overcast all day, then right as we got down to the lake, the sun came out and THIS happened!



We’re Moving!!!

Rumors have been flying, and we’re here to announce that it is true!

Wendi Riggens Photography is moving into a brand-spankin’-new studio space in just over a week!

When we opened in 2006, I wasn’t sure where I wanted to take things. I had a full-time, professional career in insurance that paid the bills, and photography was a nice little side income, a way to clear my head at the end of the day and week.

As time passed, my business grew, and I realized how much I absolutely loved my business and my clients. When the opportunity to leave the insurance world arose, I took it, and found a happiness in doing my photography full-time that I have never felt before. I felt fulfilled and satisfied, despite the lack of a guaranteed salary and a 401k and all of that.

In the time I’ve been out of the insurance world, we’ve grown more than I could have imagined. We got to the point where we needed more space to shoot and to meet with clients and to work. My little home office is a little tight for two people to work in, and with our new intern starting and the continued growth we are experiencing with our team, I knew we would have to start looking.

One thing I knew above all: I wanted -no, I NEEDED to be downtown. I LOVE Burlington, and my family has history here. My Great Uncle Tonky used to wing-walk on airplanes, and would step off of the roof of The Burlington onto a plane flown by a friend. Not many people can say that!

Steve Fervert at the Downtown Partners has been a huge help when it came to finding the perfect spot. And find it we did! In just another week or two, we’ll be moving into a beautiful third floor loft in a building on the 400 block of N4th Street, just a block North of Jefferson. It’s an old building that has been renovated and conditioned, and they are working on our space as I type! I LOVE the history and charm of our space, and cannot wait to share it with everyone!

Here is a sneak peak before the repairs were done to what will be our reception area and temporary shooting space. Our offices are behind where I was standing to take the photos, and to the left is a hallway that will lead to our awesome natural-light camera room. There are a few walls that need to be torn down, so we won’t be 100% moved in for a few months, but we will be actively shooting there throughout the winter months. Our offices will move closer to summer. We will still be doing some client meetings in my home gallery while we transition over.

Keep an eye out for more posts as we move in and decorate!

Celebrate with us, too, by booking your very own loft session! Call 319-753–3061 today!


Two Workshops, Two Weekends, Two Topics!


TWO Awesome Weekend Workshops

February 11 & 12, 2012
Photography Technique

February 25 & 26, 2012
The Business Side of Photography

Two weekends full of learning and sharing! You don’t want to miss out!

Click here for more info!

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