Last Call for Senior Spokes Models and Reps in Burlington!

Class of 2012 Senior Spokes Models

Last call for our senior rep program!

We are wrapping up our applications for our Class of 2012 Senior Spokes Model team!

Have your senior pictures done by the freshest studio in Southeast Iowa!  The combined team of Wendi Riggens and Devan Whitson brings you the most natural, unique, and fresh images possible. We want you to look and feel amazing in your senior portraits, and we know how to photograph you to make that happen. With our combined experience, you know you are in the best hands, and that your senior pics are going to be amazing!

Be a representative for Wendi Riggens Photography and earn rewards for referrals including cash, special limited-edition products, and even an iPad!

Fill out our application today at!

Jeanene Lewis Dean - Wanted to tell you that this is such a great idea that you have!


Introducing Silly Booth – A Charity Based Photo Booth by Wendi Riggens Photography in Burlington, Iowa

Introducing the Silly Booth!

There are a lot of photo booths out there, but none can compare to the new Silly Booth! We at Wendi Riggens Photography developed Silly Booth as a fundraising venture for local organizations and events!

All profits from Silly Booth are donated to the event at which we are set up, or our Charity of the Month!

Come see us today at Westland Mall in West Burlington, Iowa at the Day of the Child!  Our charity for the event is the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation!

Also find us Thursday, March 31st at the Port of Burlington for Next Step Christian Childcare and Preschool’s Relocation Fundraising Silent Auction!

For more information about having Silly Booth at your event, email us at or call the office at 319-753-3061!

Miranda Wallace - I think this fundraiser idea is absolutely adorable and I would love to learn more about it. If you would please email me with information and pricing I would much appreciate it.


Kallie & Justin’s Jefferson City Wedding – Wendi Riggens Photography

Yesterday was a cold, chilly day in central Missouri, but it was also the perfect day for a wedding!  I know that might sound crazy, but when one is surrounded by as much love as this group had, the weather doesn’t matter.

Kallie and Justin tied the knot in Jefferson City, and Devan and I had the privilege to travel down to photograph it.  I cried during their first look, and afterwards, too – the love emanating from them was just astounding!

Here are a few of my favorites!


Genna & Brad’s Snowy Lomax Wedding!

COLD. That’s the word I would use to describe last Saturday.

AMAZING. That’s the word I would use to describe the wedding that I shot!

Brad and Genna put together an incredible wedding in just a few short weeks. Their attention to detail was stunning! Their flowers blew me away, some of the prettiest I have ever seen. The cake was scrumptious. The decor at the reception was beautiful. The ceremony was sweet.

But it was the people that made the day so memorable. Brad and Genna are obviously madly in love, that much is obvious. The people that they surround themselves with obviously love them like crazy, too. Every single moment of the day was nothing but smiles and happiness. The wedding party was actually excited when I asked them to shoot outside for a bit, and never complained once! The groomsmen even took me on a tour of tiny little Lomax to a foot bridge that scared me half to death.:)I loved the chemistry of this family, and fell in love with Genna’s grandma, who took to being stuck in a wheelchair for the day with grace and humor.

Genna, Brad, you two are amazing, and I know the future is so incredibly bright for you! Here are a few quick grabs of my favorite shots from the day!

A quick shout out to Ritters & Travelin’ In Style for being totally awesome, too!


SENIORS!!! Wait, what?!

It’s been no secret among my photography friends, and people I know, that I am terrified of high school kids.  I didn’t particularly love high school myself, and I think that has scared me away from photographing senior pics. So, in November of 2007, I decided not to shoot these sessions anymore, and I stopped.

Last fall, I had the chance to meet Julian, a freshman at Burlington High School.  I’ve known his mom, Sarah, on a professional level for years, and she won a portrait session I was giving away to celebrate the pregnancy.  To say I was nervous about the session was an understatement. I was a basketcase in the days and hours leading up to the session, and very nearly rescheduled to hold in my topsy-turvy tummy! I met Julian a few weeks before the session and he seemed like a good kid, but I was still a nervous wreck as I waited on them to show up the day of.

The session ended up being one of my favorite sessions EVER.  Julian was a total rock star, and so was I, if I do say so myself!  Check out a few of his images!

After that session, I started rethinking my stance on senior portraits. Are high school students really that scary?  I mean, Julian was pretty cool.  Surely there are some other pretty cool kids out there, too, right?  And maybe I would want to shoot those pretty cool kids.  Hmmm…so much to think about.

Not long after this, I was talking to my dear friend, and fellow photographer, Devan Whitson.  Devan is one of the best senior photographers I know, and that is saying something, because I know a lot of photographers (a lot!!!).  She loves photography but wasn’t super crazy about the business side of things, whereas I LOVE the business side of things, almost as much as I love photography.

After weeks and weeks of discussing and planning, Devan decided to officially join my team, and I decided to officially start offering senior photography!  I am so beyond excited about this, I do a happy dance just thinking about it!  Devan will be my lead senior photographer, but I will be taking on a few sessions myself, just to keep my creative vibe going. We have put together some awesome sessions and packages for our clients, and cannot wait to tackle this head-on!

Check out our new senior page on the website at and the gallery of some of Devan’s past senior sessions at!

We are also looking for spokesmodels for the Class of 2012 and Class of 2013 for high schools in Southeast Iowa and West Central Illinois!  If you are interested in being a senior model, fill out the application at!

I am also very excited to welcome Mariah Chaplin to our team as our new office manager!  Mari started a few weeks ago, and fits right in with our crazy minds!  Mari will be doing some graphic design work as well, and you will definitely see her touch on our senior products!

2011 is going to be an AWESOME year at Wendi Riggens Photography!  I simply can’t wait!


Diana - I’ve seen Devan’s work, she is amazing! What a great opportunity for the Burlington area seniors.

Tammy Pennington - Congrats on this expansion! You and Devan will be great together!


Sarah Hazell - I’m both excited and so happy for you and your new team!!! Julian & I both think the world of you and are so flattered that we helped you break out of the box. You did a FANTASTIC job for us and appreciate you taping into your creative side of the teen world. Now we are looking forward to meeting and working everyone else! Can’t wait for Class of 2014 to be seniors just to be apart of your Senior Experience! (And you better count on a certain spokes person!!!)

F o r   P h o t o g r a p h e r s