Jennifer & AJ’s Davenport Wedding Engagement Session

A couple of weeks ago, I headed up to Davenport for Jennifer & AJ’s engagement session. Despite getting kicked out of a parking lot, being attacked by these icky little bugs, and nearly being backed over at the park, we had an AWESOME time! I had SO many favorites from this session, I couldn’t narrow it down, so enjoy!


Peggy - Such a cute couple and adorable shots.

Jamie Koppi - LOVE this set, especially them sitting in a tree ๐Ÿ™‚


Open House & Ribbon Cutting at Wendi Riggens Photography

Last Thursday was our private open house and ribbon cutting with the Greater Burlington Partnership! After weeks of planning, days of stressing, and hours of cleaning, organizing, cooking, and setting up, the day turned out totally amazing! You would think that a professional photographer would have photographed the event, but I was so busy meeting people, giving them tours of the space, and running around that I only took a few, mainly of the food!

The day started out in the kitchen with help from my friends Kelly, Laura, and Perla, while my awesome team, Christie and Kamry, went to the studio to get everything ready.ย  We worked for 3 hours and pulled out the best open house food ever!

These bread bowls, from the website, were a total hit! So many people have asked for the recipe, so here is a link!

These BLT Bites were my favorite. SO incredibly easy and SO delicious!


Caprese is pretty easy – basil leaves, little tomatoes, fresh mozzarella – and we soaked them in a sun-dried tomato vinaigrette, which was fantastic!

We also made a strawberry bruschetta, carmelized onion dip, and had sweet potato and beet chips, but I didn’t have time to get a photo of them!

The ribbon cutting was fun, and everyone had a great laugh at a very minor wardrobe malfunction that could only happen to me!

It was so amazing see all of our clients, family, and friends that came, and meeting all of the new people that also came to see the space. It was such a whirlwind!

The total hit of the day was our amazing cake, created by Clarice and Anthony of Sweet Intentions by the Morgans. This cake was, simply put, amazing and delicious!

I am so grateful for my incredible staff, Christie & Kamry. They put up with my stress-ball of a self throughout the week, calming me down when needed, making me be realistic when I wanted to try making the sweet potato chips, and encouraging me when I didn’t think that the event was going to happen. Christie in particular has played a vital role in organizing the open house, and I couldn’t have done it without her!

The next day, we celebrated in the office with some leftover wine and cake. Yum!

I have so many people to thank for this, I don’t know where to start, but I will give it a try:

-My husband, for his never-failing support of my dream

-My landlord, Jim, and Joey for their hard work on the renovations

-Clarice and Anthony for making the trek over with the cake!

-Becca and Crane for the awesome Oreo balls, also not photographed!

-The Chamber/Greater Burlington Partnership for the ribbon cutting

-Annie, Melissa, and Tracy for bringing smiles and giggles with their little ones

-Laura, Kelly, and Perla, for HOURS of work and help!

-Mom and Dad, for the flowers and balloon, hours of furniture shopping, phone calls, and love and support!


Keep an eye out in the fall/winter for our official public Grand Opening after our renovations are complete!.

Adam Farwell - Fantastic food photography, but the camera cake made me look twice. Extremely realistic, so much so that I’m glad no one tried to pick it up and take a photo with it.


Maternity New Life Photography – Burlington Iowa

Sometimes I love an image so much, that it needs no words. Sometimes I also love two images so much that I can’t decide which is my favorite, even though they are so similar. This was an idea that my office manager, Christie, had, and I LOVE it!.

Jamie K - Super cute images! Love her outfit!

Peggy - Sometimes you just can’t pick a fave. I understand why you were having such a hard time. They are both so adorably cute.


Aydren & Ava – Studio Family & Kids Session – Burlington IA

WOW! Crazy busy season has arrived, and of course, the blog gets neglected! I only have a couple of minutes to take a break and post, and wanted to share these two little sweeties that came to visit me in the studio a couple of weeks ago. We had so much fun playing in the camera room!



Peggy - Too cute!

Jamie K - LOVE the images and those bright eyes!


Maggie & Daniel’s Burlington Engagement Session!

Maggie and Daniel are such a sweet couple! They are college sweethearts, and when Daniel proposed to her, he put the engagement ring on the wrong finger! I had to laugh when they told me this, because my husband did the EXACT same thing, only it was DURING our wedding! ๐Ÿ™‚

We had a lot of fun exploring Burlington during their engagement session, and also got quite the workout! These two enjoy walking with their dogs in Crapo, and we captured some beautiful shots in the park. I am so looking forward to their wedding in September!


Ken Krueger - I love both Dan and Maggie! has been pretty awesome seeing them together when they started their relationship. These pictures are awesome!

alex beck - Aww!! I’m so happy for you guys!!

Hannah Dahlke - Love Love Love Maggie and Dan. They are my besties and I am so excited to be able to be a part of their special day! These are very beautiful pictures and I can’t wait to see more from their special day!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Julie Messamer - The pictures are great! They are such a great couple. We are excited to have you do the wedding pictures too. Thanks Wendi

Jessica Moore - These are so great! I love pictures of two people truly in love! I don’t think I have a favorite because I like them all!

Tim Messamer - The pictures look great. Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures. Also looking forward to having you do the Wedding pictures. Thanks Wendi

Julie Rigg - WOW! These are wonderful!I love unique pictures and these are great! Thanks Wendi! We love them!Can’t wait for the big day!

Marc Rigg - Great pictures! You actually got Dan to smile. We really liked them.

Kiara Sime - These pictures are so beautiful…what a great job capturing such a wonderful couple!

Craig and Carol Mossberg - Craig and I love the pictures! We can’t wait until the wedding. You are a beautiful couple, inside and out!

Linda Davis - Nice!!!! You both look so happy!!!

Monica - I love these images! Wendi, you always do such a beautiful job!

Jason messamer - Pictures look great!

Autumn - Very nice pictures! Congrats Dan and Maggie.

Lesa Hemming - Beautiful photos of a great couple!

Robyn Brown - LOVE LOVE LOVE these pics!!!! You two look amazing! If these are the engagement pictures and they look this great cant wait to see your wedding pictures, I am sure they will be AWESOME!

Jessy Guzman - LOVE the chalkboard idea…very cute…they are all such great pics..good luck guys I’m sure your wedding pics will be awesome!

Kristie Bornsheuer - AWW…..Magdalena I love these pics. I am so happy for you guys. I know five months will go by so fast. These pics are amazing I would love to use this photographer for my family as well. Great job and congrats to you and Dan

Hannah Anderson - Nice Job Wendi! I have known Dan since we were little, Maggie is getting a great guy and she will be a beautiful bride.

Jamie Koppi - what a cute fun couple!

Peggy - Such a cute couple. Looks like they had fun. Best wishes for their future!

Maggie Messamer - My future hubby is pretty darn handsome :). Thank you Wendi for these beautiful images! We can’t wait to have you take more wonderful photos for our wedding!!

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