Winky The House Elf Cat – Wendi Riggens Photography

I wanted to take a quick break from my usual editing and posts to share the kitten we got for our kids this weekend. This is Winky, named after the house elf owned by Bartemius Crouch Sr. in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Our Winky, however, is not a scaredy cat, nor a drunk, and my kids absolutely love her! My best friend and I had the idea to take her to the studio and make some use out of my trunk of Harry Potter props from my daughter’s sessions last year (click here to check those out!). Could this little kitten be any cuter??

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Kate + Brent – Leavenworth, Washington Wedding – Wendi Riggens Photography

Wow. Just, wow. I woke up last Saturday morning and looked out on the Cascade Mountains and a cloudless, blue sky, and knew that it was going to be an amazing day. And it really was. Kate’s vision of a wedding in the mountains, surrounded by her closest family and friends, as the sun came down behind them, was picture perfect. Everything about the day was just beautiful! Kate and Brent were a dream to photograph, and it was such an honor to be a part of such an intimate, amazing weekend full of laughs and love.

And anyone that has a macaroni and cheese bar for their wedding dinner is a real winner in my book. 🙂

Kate & Brent2-FB-01Kate & Brent3-FB-01Kate & Brent4-FB-01Kate & Brent11-FB-01Kate & Brent11-FB-02Kate & Brent-FB-01Kate & Brent15-FB-02Kate & Brent15-FB-01Kate & Brent14-FB-01Kate & Brent13-FB-01Kate & Brent12-FB-01


Kate + Brent – Seattle, Washington Engagement Session – Wendi Riggens Photography

Last Wednesday, I had an amazing day exploring Seattle and photographing Kate and Brent! These native Iowans moved to Seattle and showed me all around this amazing city! We saw Seattle Center, the Space Needle, and EMP, walked downtown Seattle, rode the Monorail, checked out the fish and fruit in Pike Place Market, walked Post Alley, checked out Kerry Park, Gasworks Park, Golden Gardens, Shilshore Bay Marina, Fremont, the Fremont Troll, Ballard, and so much more. They introduced me to Piroshky Piroshky (I might be mildly obsessed now) and Red Mill Burgers. I got to see so much of Seattle, and it was amazing!

I also had a chance to photograph Kate & Brent’s engagement session. As fun as exploring the city was, it was made even more amazing by these two people. It’s rare to find two people that are as fluid and natural as Kate and Brent are in front of the camera. They needed very little direction and respond to each other with such ease and love. Their laughter is infectious and it was just so much fun shooting them.

Here is a quick peek at just a few from our time shooting in Seattle. I’ll share some images from their even more amazing wedding in Leavenworth soon!

Kate & Brent Seattle Engagement EMPKate & Brent Golden Gardens Seattle EngagementKate & Brent Seattle Engagement EMPKate & Brent Seattle Engagement DowntownKate & Brent Kerry Park Seattle EngagementKate & Brent Gasworks Park Seattle Engagement


Handsome Baby Koda! Wendi Riggens Photography

So, Koda. You are ah-doooooor-ah-bulllllllll! Those roly poly arms and legs and that sweet little smile made my night! You are going to have so much fun being a big brother, soon, too! Eden, thank you for letting me crawl around the park with this handsome little guy!!


Handsome Baby Koda-FB-01Handsome Baby Koda-FB-02Handsome Baby Koda-FB-03Handsome Baby Koda-FB-04Handsome Baby Koda-FB-05Handsome Baby Koda-FB-06Handsome Baby Koda-FB-07Handsome Baby Koda-FB-08Handsome Baby Koda-FB-09Handsome Baby Koda-FB-10Handsome Baby Koda-FB-11

Little Teether - I agree with you that this little angel is so adorable. His parents are really lucky to have him in their lives. I love seeing images like these because it gives me positive vibes. Babies never fail to put a smile in my face all the time. Thanks for sharing the images of this cutie.

F o r   P h o t o g r a p h e r s