Jenna & Jeramy Get Married!

Better late than never, right?  Jenna and Jeramy were married in Keokuk back at the end of January, and we had a great time with them.  I’m short on time this morning, but here are a few of my favorites!

JenJerDets15 by you.

JenJerDets02 by you.

JenJerDets22 by you.

JenJerDets36 by you.

JenJerCoup09 by you.


JenJerCoup17 by you.

Seeing each other for the first time – they look so happy!

JenJerCoup23 by you.

JenJerGroup022 by you.

JenJerGroup025 by you.

When groomsmen are left to play…

JenJerGroup028 by you.

Such a beautiful church!

JenJerCer25 by you.

Jenna’s warning glance…

JenJerRec027 by you.

Oh, that wasn’t nice!

JenJerRec029 by you.

But this was!

JenJerRec032 by you.

JenJerDets62 by you.

JenJerRec115 by you.

I got it!!! And a shoe, too!!!!!

JenJerRec120 by you.

JenJerCoup74 by you..

Jim "homer" - Looks like it was a great wedding and fun couple to shoot. You did a great job on these.

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