It’s been a long summer…

It’s been a long summer. A long, beautiful, hot, but wonderful summer! School started yesterday, and I sent my son off to third grade. It was an exciting morning for me and him, and he practically drug us behind him as he ran to line up with his friends. Would you look at this handsome little face? He’s got a crazy mouth full of teeth, too!

I have a third grader!

And then there is this little sweetheart! Every time we drop her big brother off at school, she asks to go to preschool. She is not happy that her first day is still two weeks away! Every summer, we take the kids out to shoot in a wildflower or sunflower field, and this year was the first time she actually somewhat took instruction and was fun to photograph!

Wildflowers and spinning in fields (1)

And then she broke out the funny faces! 🙂



Wildflowers and spinning in fields (2)

This photo fills my heart with so much joy. There isn’t much better in life than spinning in circles in a field! 🙂


Wildflowers and spinning in fields (3)I’m looking forward to the rest of the year, and to see what preschool and third grade bring us!

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