Getting Ready For Baby – Keokuk Iowa Maternity Session – Wendi Riggens Photography

Two and a half years ago, I stood in a church in Keokuk, watching these two people recite their vows and devote their lives to each other. Two weeks ago, I stood in their living room, looking a a beautiful piece of wall art – an image from their wedding ceremony hung in a gorgeous antique frame above their fireplace while we set up for their maternity session. In two days or so, I will be present at the hospital to witness the birth of their daughter.

Following families through their lives like this is what makes being a professional photographer so absoltuely amazing.

Eric and Angela welcomed me into their home for their maternity session. So many times I hear “my house is too small” and to that I say, “I am a professional, I can make it work!” I know how uncomfortable the end of pregnancy is, and how tiring life with a newborn is, and by shooting in your own home, not only are you the most comfortable, it gives me new locations and new ideas to try. And when I ask your husband to grab that ladder from the basement so that the two of you can lounge around in bed while your crazy photographer – me – hangs out above you, trust that you will get an image that is truly custom to you and your session. Images to follow to explain… 🙂

Something a little more dramatic, taken in their living room, OCF setup (off-camera flash for you non-photographers). I love clients that trust me explicitly, especially when I start moving furniture, plucking things off the wall, and rearrange figurines, all while blocking the football game on TV!

And my favorite images from the session, something I have had in my mind for a long time and finally was able to do…

Here is a quick pull-back to show how I accomplished this. We ended up moving the ladder to another spot, and I hung precariously over them balancing off the headboard by one toe, but I got my shot. I love this couple!

Ang, Eric, thank you for letting me invade your home and for having me as a part of your life. I am so proud to be your very own ninja photographer, and I cannot wait to meet your beautiful daughter and spend the rest of my life photographing you all!.

Jim "homer" - Wonderful series and I love how you gave us a look into your setup, great results.

VikkiG - Great work! Very cool to see your set up!

Saundra Karol - I love this journey you shared with us! What a great opportunity and a great job done at capturing it all! Such precious memories!

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