Funny bumper sticker

Anyone that knows my family will understand why I found the following bumper sticker so amusing, and why I followed this driver for several miles, with my little point & shoot camera perched precariously on the dash, optical and digital zoom pushed to the max, just to get this shot!  🙂


Of course, this is made even funnier because of the reference to the “got milk” campaign.  Anyone that knows me, knows I am addicted to milk.  Most people carried bottled water.  I carry bottled water and bottled milk.  🙂

See, photographers don’t always get technically perfect shots to get the “perfect shot!”

And, for those that don’t know my family, my grandparents raised English bulldogs for 50+ years, and my parents the breed for 20+ years.   My grandparents and parents were nationally recognized breeders of champion bloodlines, and took great pride in raising this amazing breed of dog and placing them into the homes of many incredible, loving families.  These are beautiful dogs, though challenging to raise, and one of the most loyal you’ll ever meet!

So, this one is for you, Mom!  I love you!.

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