Cincinnati, Ohio

I’m in Cincy right now for a photography conference, and am having an amazing time!  Despite a 2 1/2 hour late start Thursday night due to trying to pack the equipment of two photographers into TSA guidelines for carryon luggage (because I refuse check my camera body and lenses, they are my babies!), almost hitting a deer at 1:00 a.m. 3 hours from home, and a cancelled flight on Friday, we made it out here!  It’s funny when you walk into a room of photographers that you have never met before, and without even opening your mouth, you hear “Wendi’s here!”

I have to say thank you to Devan for getting this shot!  It was intimidating, running and jumping in the air with my favorite lens on the planet, with 15 photographers watching, and praying that I didn’t fall flat on my face!

After that, we stopped traffic with the group of us standing in circle throwing a camera in the air to get a group shot.  Oh, yes.  We like to cause a scene, and will do anything for a shot! 🙂  That will be coming soon!

I’ve actually been sick all weekend, but everyone here can tell you that I persevere.  I’ve had the best time, have made some amazing friends, have learned some new techniques, and am pumped for the sessions I have coming up this fall.  Next weekend I leave for Mexico for a week with Jose Villa, and other than not being sure how to pack, I am pretty darn excited about that as well!

Oh, and Donielle of Creations With Grace says HI!  I swear to you, we are like sisters that were separated at birth.  I just love this girl!

Now, I am off to the airport!  Keep an eye out in the next few weeks for images from the Iowa City and St. Louis shootouts, the Cincy conference, and Mexico! 🙂.

Donielle - Wendi – I love you too! I have learned so much from you, your awesome, and a wonderful photographer, such an inspiration to me! Have fun in Mexico, you’ll do great!

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