Chicago – Part 3 – Cloud Gate – Aka The Silver Bean

The last time I was in Chicago for any length of time was 2003. The next year, Cloud Gate, also know as the Silver Bean, was unveiled. I’ve always wanted to see it, and I finally got a chance Sunday night! It wasn’t nearly as big as I expected, but it was still pretty darn cool!

The bean – I mean, Cloud Gate 🙂

I’m getting pretty good at this self-portrait thing. It’s easy with a tiny little point-and-shoot, not so easy with a gripped-Canon 5DMkII and a 24-70 2.8L. Ten pounds of camera weight held out in front of you backwards with the button in an ergonomically-correct position for a camera facing the opposite direction tends to be quite difficult to hold and shoot with! But, I manage. 🙂

See that tiny little dot dead-center of the bean? That’s me. Laying down. Under the bean. Trying to avoid being stepped on by dozens of passerbys that are looking up and not down at their feet, where I happened to be laying. Cool shot, though.

The pigeons looked pretty content up there. I wish I’d brought my big lens to get closer to them, but I only took my 24-70 2.8L with me. Oh well!

Hi Patrick! I think he was laughing at my pigeon amusement.

After that we walked over to a lawn where a concert was getting ready to start. Very cool architecture!

I love people-watching. This group of friends looked totally content as they waited!

We had a delicious dinner after that, and were forced to eat dessert when we got stuck under our umbrella in a downpour. The rain made for a pretty shot as we walked behind this unsuspecting couple back to the El!

Tomorrow? People watching on the El. Keep an eye out for my last Chicago post!.

Jen Creed - Love it! Millenium Park is so cool.

Nikki - Love the under the bean picture!

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