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WOW – What a summer! I’ve been REALLY behind on my blogging after weeks of craziness. After a two week family vacation, during which time we had essentially moved out of our house to have the hardwood floors redone, I came home to find some pretty serious storm damage to my studio. We’ve been out since June 20th, and I’ve been shooting primarily on location, but without the studio, things have been slower. It’s not been time wasted, though, because, as the saying goes, “when it rains, it pours”. In the last three months, we have had to replace the concrete stairs at our house, have a tree removed, an entire new HVAC system installed, and a new roof put on. Throw in painting and a large landscaping project and the floors, some car repairs, and now a leaky bathroom that we’re going to be fixing up, and you can see why I haven’t had much time to blog. 🙂

So, hopefully, as things wind down, projects get finished, and the studio repairs come along, I’ll remember my blog and share more often!

On top of it all, I now have a 2nd grader. I can’t figure out how that happened. It seems like just yesterday, I was carrying around this tiny little baby, trying to figure out how to adjust to life as a mom. Now, he’s 7 and well into elementary school! His teacher has an entire set of Boxcar Children books in her room, which was one of my favorites as a child. I cannot wait to share them with my own child now, even if it is a bit surreal!

He’s not much for standing still and letting me photograph him, but he obligingly stood for a few seconds for his traditional “first day of school” photo in the yard. Now to get him to dress up for his actual school photos.

First Day of School-FB-01


Speaking of school pictures, they are right around the corner (or tomorrow, in our case)! While traditional school photos are a bit of a right of passage, they can be a bit boring, with the same pose, the same backdrops, forced smiles, half blinks, and awkward faces, year after year. At WRP, we offer one of a kind school portraits, focused on pulling your child’s true personality out. And yes, we have wallets and prints you can send to your family, too.

Back To School Sessions

Keep an eye on the blog for some recent sessions soon, and hopefully more posts, more often. 🙂

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