Claire & The Sunflowers

One of my favorite parts of summer are sunflowers. Each year, we take our kids to a sunflower patch. This year my son decided he was too old for them. Then Claire slept the entire drive and woke up in a right state of grumpiness, refusing to let go of me. I managed to untangle myself and show her the flower and distract her.

She let me shoot for exactly 1 minute and 27 seconds. That’s all I needed… 🙂

Claire Sunflowers-FB-04Claire Sunflowers-FB-09Claire Sunflowers-FB-10Claire Sunflowers-FB-11Claire Sunflowers-FB-13Claire Sunflowers-FB-15Claire Sunflowers-FB-17

This smile makes my world turn. 🙂

Claire Sunflowers-FB-22

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