Pumpkins and Babies!

It’s that time of year! The leaves are changing, the weather is gorgeous, and mamas start sticking their babies in pumpkins in the park! Miss Aleena wasn’t sure about the pumpkin at first, and seemingly made it her mission to eat the entire thing. Her mom said she won’t eat pumpkin baby food, but she LOVED chewing on it and getting bites off of it fresh!

She was super happy and playful with her sisters and parents, too. Ah, I love fall and babies!!



The Cutest Little Smiles!

My kids love coming to the studio with me, and my son Maddox isespecially helpful to have around! After picking a few things up and moving some frames for me, he had planned to sit and play on the iPad while I shot my session. Little Charlie wasn’t very happy about being in a new place, though, and was pretty worked up when he came in. Then he caught a glimpse of Maddox, and after a couple of minutes the tears stopped. A little bit later, Maddox was dancing and being silly and Charlie was smiling and laughing! Maddox got to act as silly as he wanted, playing hide and seek, throwing my noise-makers in the air, dancing and doing everything he could to keep Charlie’s attention and make him smile while I was shooting. They spent the last few minutes playing with the fire truck, across the room from his parents and little brother, happy as a clam. Sometimes I get frustrated when the kids beg to go with me, but moments like this remind me that seeing Mom work, and being a part of the process, teaches them to be hard working, awesome little humans, too.




Family Makes the World Go Round – Cedar Rapids, Iowa

I first met these brothers and sisters at Courtney and Jessie’s wedding several years ago. Their family has since grown by several Tiny Humans, and I had the absolute best time photographing them a few weeks ago in Cedar Rapids!

Would you just look at these adorable little faces? These cousins hadn’t seen each other in three months, and were SO happy to be back together!



Jonathan – Notre Dame High School Senior – Burlington IA

8 1/2 years ago, we moved into a new home, and there was this 9 year old, running around with his little brother. Over the years, we’ve talked over the fence, built snowmen with the boys, played with their dogs, watched them run in races, and have watched Jonathan grow from cute little kid to mature young adult. It’s been an honor watching him (and his brother) grow up, and I can’t wait to see where life takes him!


F o r   P h o t o g r a p h e r s