Meet Wendi

Wendi Riggens Photographer

Hi! I’m Wendi! Also known as Mommy, Wifey, Boss Lady, and The Ninja with a Camera…

I love to eat good Mexican food. I REALLY love chocolate, especially if it includes caramel. I also pronounce that word “care-a-mel”. 🙂

I love to create things. I love love love to sew and craft and make things from scratch. I love to cook and bake and sing and dance in ways that will some day embarrass my children in public places.

I’m a huge Harry Potter and Doctor Who fan and can often be heard talking about the Floo Network and house elves. Pink is my favorite color.

I am also a Type 1 diabetic, so if you hear random beeping while we are together, don’t worry. I won’t explode. It’s just my pump, reminding me to check my blood sugars. 🙂

Did I mention that I love chocolate?

I am based in Burlington, Iowa, but will travel anywhere for my clients. I have a long bucket list of places I want to shoot, including a bride on an elephant in Indonesia, a couple in love under the Eiffel Tower, kids playing at the foot of the redwoods in Northern California, and so many more!

I am a photographer.  I am a maternity photographer, there to capture that beautiful growing belly as your baby gets ready to come into this world.  I am a birth photographer, there to watch your husband hold your hand and kiss your forehead and to capture those first moments of precious life as your new baby takes its first breath. I am there to to capture that first tooth and those first steps.  I am a big kid at heart, and love to play with the kids I am photographing, getting that toothless grin and those little skinned knees.  I am there to watch your kids grow up and to document all the moments in between.  I am there to capture your life the way it happens.

When I am behind the camera, I am in my element.  My brain starts working at crazy speeds, synapses fire, creativity flows, and I am filled with a love for life and a passion for shooting.

My subjects are not just my clients; they are my friends.  We get to know each other and go out to eat Mexican and talk about life.  I love following my clients through their lives, from their weddings to their first born and everything else that comes along.

Be a part of the Wendi Riggens Photography family.  Be a part of something amazing!

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I am an active member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), Greater Burlington Partnership, The Art Center of Burlington, and Burlington Fine Arts League. I also teach photography workshops around the country and offer one-on-one coaching sessions.

Wendi is also the winner of the 2013 Innovation Award, presented by the Greater Burlington Partnership

Photo Credits:  Devan Whitson Photography, GwyneMark Photography, Steph Allen Photography, John Lovretta at The Hawkeye, Paula Jost, Tracy Owen of Capturing The Moment Photography, Kathie Brune, Kristy Horn